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- Cane Haulage
- Land Development
- Land Levelling
- Machinery Management
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- Cane Haulage
- Land Development
- Land Levelling
- Procurement

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Kaufmann Agricultural Consultants

Professional Solutions for the Practical Problems of Agriculture.
Welcome to Kaufmann Agricultural Consultants website We have been serving the Southern African Agricultural industry as consultants since 1998 and have worked in the industry for the last 20 years.

We offer a consultancy service relevant to Africa south of the Sahara with extensive experience and technical expertise in the Southern and East African Agricultural field.

Recent projects

  • Techserve: Pre-feasibility study for agricultural development in the Office of du Niger region of Mali including Sugar, Rice and Fruit for juice.
  • Techserve: Pre-feasilbility study for agricultural development in Guinea Conakry including Sugar, Rice and Fruit for juice.
  • Unitrans Malawi: Investigation into causes and problems with cane deliveries to Ncholo Mill, Malawi.
  • Vamagogo Estate, Mozambique: Selection and soucing of equipment and systems for laser levelling 500 ha/yr of land for furrow irrigated sugar cane.
  • Bell Equipment : Various projects relating to cane haulage and Development work with a large land preparation tractor.
  • Techserve : The Agricultural side of the proposal for the rehabilitation of a 10,000 ha rice project in Suriname.
  • UNCTAD: A review of the Swaziland small holder sugar cane industry
  • Schaffer/Techserve: Agricultural project management for the rehabilitation of Xinavane Sugar Estate Mozambique.
  • SASEX /TSB: Wet weather operations report for Malelane Mill Group Board. Eston Mill Group: Optimum haulage distances for tractor systems.
  • ISSCT: Mechanisation workshop 2000 organising committee.
  • Simba Equipment: Site inspection and report on the performance of a Land Plane in Malawi.
  • Specification and procurement of Land levelling equipment for a 5000ha sugar Estate in Mozambique.
  • Costing and budgeting of options for the contract loading of medium size growers sugar cane, optimising fleet size and available tonnage for a South African Contractor.

The above list gives an indication of the type of work we have undertaken and the range of countries we have worked in.

Other Assignments
We have also undertaken other assignments in Guinea Conakry, Mali, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

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